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American Cruises & Tours (ACT) has been in business since 1996, planning memorable vacations for our clients. Our years of experience make us a leader in our industry and has allowed us to gain connections with other top-rated travel companies.

We offer planned excursions all over the world, and we will help match you with the perfect destination.

The staff at ACT is dedicated to giving you outstanding client service. We do this by meeting with each of our clients or your group to help plan where you will go and what you will do on your meeting or vacation.

Some of the things we offer at ACT include booking cruises, land tours and airfare. We are available to work with individual clients, or make travel plans for group vacations.

Our plans may also include port visits, local excursions, tours, or other fun activities.
Traveling is the best way to leave your worries behind for a period of relaxation and rejuvenation.
Come to American Cruises & Tours and explore the options for your next getaway.

Act Today! Play Tomorrow... As You Create the Memories, We Take Care of the Details!