Group travel has never been easier with reservations and scheduling done by American Cruises & Tours.


Welcome to American Cruises & Tours!

Are you looking for a romantic weekend getaway or a family vacation and even your children will enjoy? How about a specialty or themed trip for a group of family or friends? American Cruises & Tours (ACT) is here to help!

First some reasons why a Travel professional (TA) is so important:

*TA’s add a human element - A travel professional ensures that you are a person not a number.

* TA’s save you so much time, money and stress.

*TA’s Work for you, looking at everything from size of rooms and cruise ships, to the dining options that are available for your pleasure.

*They often save you money and deliver more value. – Agent’s can offer group amenities and discounts, when booking, if available.

*They reassure anxious travelers.

*TA’s feel a huge responsibility to explain, re-assure and assist their clients in making the best possible choices.

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ACT works with a variety of cruise companies and land tour operators. We have blocked space on cruise ships, this allows us to offer you a lower price. Land tours have special packages including destinations of Hawaii, Mexico, Caribbean, and Europe. Another service is planning sightseeing tours such as wine tours, and other activities that you and your family will enjoy. Booking with ACT, you can be sure that everyone will be satisfied at a price point that fits your budget!

Choose American Cruises & Tours as your travel professional and start planning a vacation today! We look forward to helping you make incredible memories, saving time and money in the process. After all, YOU Create the Memories, We Take Care of the Details.